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Default Price change ?

I had a text from my laminators earlier asking me to go in on Monday morning to discuss pricing ....I had been warned a while back that increased material costs might have to be passed on to me ..but I have been holding them at arms length for a while ...

If anyone is seriously considering buying a body from me ...could they private message me and let me know ...I am not looking for deposits or secured orders , I just would like to go and see them armed with as much positive information as possible .
I have 3 customers actively enquiring at present , one secured a donor car recently , another looking at a few options at the moment and another in early enquiry stage ...I have a customer who's bought a frame already but not the body , I have some overseas stuff happening I can use that info ...but if anyones lurking , saving , trying to sell something ..whatever ..and we haven't spoken yet , could they pm me please ?
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