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Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans View Post
Could this be a Formosa with a bit of a twist on the styling ? I think there is one underneath it !
You could certainly head in that direction with an F120 gr . Basically most of the cars of that era are a similar generic shape. aren't they ?..kind of . If you squint , you can see any one of the top half dozen marques from one angle or another . I thought I was borrowing too many design cues from the Ferrari's at one point , but the addition of the pout and the opened up arches on some of the cars , I now see more Maserati ...Nearly every passer by who asks says .."" Is that a D type mate ? "" Now apart from the bonnet bulge I don't see any Jaguar but clearly others do !! I know Richard Bird was tweaking the body , deleting the side vent etc with a view to going 58 TR styled ...I haven't seen any recent updates on that so don't know if its under construction , abandoned or currently being pirated ..but it def had been started....
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