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Good afternoon all , hope all posters are well and using the time for their projects . A couple of posters on here will be aware that i have my SWB up for sale on a number of web-sites , one of which is a large auction site , my car is listed as a Classified ad , i have used this type of ad before and you tend to get people asking questions where the answers are in the ad , or people making offers (to test the water) , i logged on the site last week to see that somebody had made an offer it was 6000!!!!!!!!!! , why would you? i cant think of a single reason . I ignored the offer and assumed i would never hear from them again , well a couple of days ago another offer turned up from the same person this time 6500!!!!!!!! , if they were allowed to make another 40 offers we would be there , all the best Geoff .
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