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Originally Posted by Mister Towed View Post
Eighty quid? That wasn't much money even back then. It did look nicer in blue and it's perhaps a little pricey, but who knows, if someone really wants it they might just pay the price.

Have you contacted the seller?
I neglected to mention that when I bought it in Worcester, the vendor had T-Boned someone and written off one side of the front. He was still limping. I cut off the front of the frame, got my welder to replicate it straight, and got a friend in the trade to weld it on. This all cost 120, so 200 was the real figure.

I know the vendor quite well. He lives in Australia (but is Covid quarantined over here) and we corresponded at some length prior to his visiting me a few years ago when he was over here. I gave him the original grille and 8" steering wheel which had lurked in my shed for decades, and quite a bit of guff I'd amassed, including a letter from Tim Dutton offering to buy it from me for scrap. I also passed on the transparencies I'd obtained from the original owner, whom I'd tracked down and corresponded with. The advert picture with the camper van is from one of them. The vendor also owns the green one.

I know chapter and verse on these cars from my Dutton years, during some of which I edited the club magazine. I could tell you a lot more about KPX594J but it's stuff I won't commit to print.

Regards, Mick

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