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Unhappy Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!

Originally Posted by MartinClan View Post
The type 12 caliper is held together with 2 bolts. The type 14 with 4. So it looks like yours are type 14.

Cheers Robin
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing! In February, armed with my recently acquired 'four bolt' fact, I bought a pair of Type14 callipers from ANG, a really good concern I've used many times . When they arrived I put the unopened box in the shed to await brake-time.

Having finished those at the rear, I last week jacked up the front, took off the wheels and wire brushed and emery'd the discs. I'd kept the brand new pads and the fixings gubbins, which I cleaned up ready for assembling into my new toys. I removed one from its packing and offered up a pad. WTF! The pad is way too big for the calliper! A little internet research revealed that my old callipers are Type 16 to match my (unbeknown to me) Vitesse/GT6 front suspension. I've been in touch with ANG and, once they've received the Type 14s and verified their unmolested state, we can sort out my latest SNAFU. Criticism of Robin's helpful advice is neither warranted nor intended, I simply should have noticed the big fat discs and thick anti roll bar, and the penny would have dropped!

Regards, Mick
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