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Smile 80mm Tacho

The last lap of my dash saga has been trying, this car has fought me every inch of the way, but hopefully I'm almost there. I transferred the outline of my card template to ally, cut it out and carefully relieved the tacho. hole until it just fitted with a slight push. Next job was to rivet the plate to the existing, the steering column and padded Mole Grips holding it. My usual pop-rivet overkill soon had it in place. As its wiring differs from that of the Triumph impulse item it replaced, a little creative bodging of the relevant ends of the loom was needed, but this turned out not too untidily.

I'm going to have to dream up a bracket for the floating left hand end of the dash - the body seems to have changed shape slightly since pre-paint days - and fit a couple more fixing bolts where I've marked with black dots. Although it looks as though the steering wheel might mask the view of the tacho., the high seating position makes it perfectly visible, up to the 7,000 RPM mark, so not going to be a problem. The wavy line gear stick clears both the dash and the steering wheel, which I've embellished with my '82 vintage DOC badge as I regard the DOC as my kit-car spiritual home. The hideous butchering of the coaming moulding (guilty) will need some cosmetic treatment some time.

Once my Type16 callipers arrive I can fit them and bleed the system, then all that's left is covering the seats, sending off my V627, and getting the engine running. How I feel at the moment, I'll probably take her around the block once then immediately sell her to Marcel or whoever, time will tell...

Regards, Mick

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