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Originally Posted by Mick O'Malley View Post
A little internet research revealed that my old callipers are Type 16 to match my (unbeknown to me) Vitesse/GT6 front suspension. I've been in touch with ANG and, once they've received the Type 14s and verified their unmolested state, we can sort out my latest SNAFU.
ANG, to their credit, refunded the purchase price, helpfully pointing out that there are two types of Type 16 callipers. The chief difference being the thread for the flexi hose - later models being metric. Making double treble sure this time that I knew what I needed (Imperial threads) I sourced them from Jumblemaster, ANG only having the metric ones in stock. They arrived, together with pad mounting kits, yesterday .

Over the last couple of weeks, when weather permitted, I got her started for the first time. At first she ran very roughly so I cleaned the carb. again and re-flushed the supply pipe. She now runs only fairly roughly . The second hand 28/36 DCD I bought was jetted (according to the vendor) for a 1500cc pre-cross flow Kent. Reading my 13/6d Triple C Weber Carburettors booklet revealed that it's unwise to assume that any old 1500cc engine will require similar jets, so further research is required. Watch this space.

Regards, Mick
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