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Default 5EXI drag racing!

On Sunday, as weather was good, decided to go to North Weald airfield. Been there before, but did not manage to get on due to car limits.

This time I was also in a rush. Did not find out until Sunday morning early, that the drag racing was on. So quickly fixed the electrical problem I had the previous week.

Never been drag racing. So will get my excuses in first!

1st run
I was up against this

An Escort only in body. Fully blown dragster with a Ranger Rover 4.6 V8 and 200 shot of NOS, full drag tyres and locked rear diff. 11 Second 1/4 mile car.
Got to near line and asked guy what I need to do! So he said pull up until first white light shows. The pull up until second white light shows. While explaining, I'm pulling slowly forward as he is leaning in car. He then said once second light shows, I will see the yellow then green for go. Did not say yellow straight after second white! Needless to say I was left at the line while the other one shot off! Lost this one but gave it some stick to get a feel for the car squirming under acceleration.
Managed 1/4 14.65 going 83 over the line. 83 you might ask. I eased off a lot before the end line looking for the exit! Did see 110 on the clock before easing off.
2nd run
Up against a zooped up Capri. Again, he had the usually tyre burn out before the start. Thinking am I ever going to win a race!
Now knowing how the lights work at the beginning, thought I would give it a good race anyway. Off the line, car still squirming a little trying for traction. But again not knowing where the end line was, eased off way too early. Absolutely slaughtered the Capri though. Comment after. That thing went like a bat out of hell this time!
2nd run 1/4 13.87 89MPH easing off again! Told this is a Porsche 911 turbo time even after easing off!
3rd run
Marlin V BMW M3
Pulled up to the line. Revved to the red line. Car felt like it wanted this as well. Could feel it's soul. Engine sounding perfect. This time car did a little squirm but then gripped off the line and felt the acceleration like nothing before. BMW was already dust. Into second foot to floor and gear change. massive surge again the "pop" and no drive! Driveshaft had popped out!

Will be an easy fix hopefully. But what a day and car's real first brutal run unlimited. With more practice. Car will be a 12 second car. Together with some track experience, will be quick around the track as well. Limiting factor at the minute though is me!
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