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Hmm, interesting.

Must admit I did not read fully previous threads regarding this issue because when I fitted my clevis pin it just slotted perfectly into place with only a few turns to line up the holes. But the servo assembly is mounted on the angled bulkhead just like everyone elses, so must create that same angle at the clevis pin / pedal fixing point.

So, in retrospect. its logical that I change the clevis pin for the rose fitting to avoid premature failure of the servo unit due to the angle created.

Hope I have understood the problem correctly.

Difficult to lie on your back on the floor of the car and look up while someone pushes the pedal to see how it all works.

By the way Patrick, the fitting of your servo and the associated pipework is a work of art, beautiful to look at ( like the rest of the car ).

Interesting thought occured,................ as you are all thinking about possibly changing your brake pipes because of the ethanol problem ( deteriorisation of pipes ) how does that affect our daily runabouts ? Those of us who have petrol cars that is ?
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