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Originally Posted by denniswpearce View Post
Hmm, interesting.

Must admit I did not read fully previous threads regarding this issue because when I fitted my clevis pin it just slotted perfectly into place with only a few turns to line up the holes. But the servo assembly is mounted on the angled bulkhead just like everyone elses, so must create that same angle at the clevis pin / pedal fixing point.

So, in retrospect. its logical that I change the clevis pin for the rose fitting to avoid premature failure of the servo unit due to the angle created.

Hope I have understood the problem correctly.
Hi Dennis

If your clevis lined up with your pedal, and you did not have to force the pedal, or pin, to get it through both clevis holes - (very difficult to do, when you are lying on your back, with both feet stuck up in the air, struggling to get both hands in to a restricted space!) - then I think you are fortunate and you don't need to make any changes. Yours should be fine.

My suggestion was primarily aimed at those yet to fit their servos, and anyone who struggled to make the clevis/pedal/pin line up.
For the sake of a 10 rose joint, it guarantees making the fitting easy and safe.

My suggestion was prompted when I saw Dave Cunnington's Cabrio. His brake pedal had had the bolt welded in place, and meant the clevis would only fit by using significant lateral force.
In situations like this, it is would have been much easier from the outset to have started with a rose joint, which is designed to accommodate angle changes.
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