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Good idea, Rich - I was thinking of something along the same lines. More for in the future if new owners wanted to trace the heritage (for want of a better word) of their cars. I'll PM details of mine (hopefully with an update within the next few weeks!).

Dad and I usually attend Stoneleigh, and also go to Exeter every year, as it's our 'local' kit car show. Can't ever remember seeing a 5Exi there (unless it was on the Marlin stand, but they don't attend any more).

I've found chatting to other owners really useful during the build, and for planning future mods/updates to the car. The forum is brilliant and been a real project saver, but actually meeting other owners and talking through their cars with them at shows (or at their homes) is invaluable and it really helps to motivate you when you see what they've achieved and how they've overcome various 'hurdles'.

Thanks for the help and advice at the show - I've found the details of your rear suspension mod, and will be ordering the bits to fit ASAP. Congrats on the award as well!
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