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Default Servo / Rose Joints Update

Originally Posted by Mike View Post

Due to the alignment of the servo with the brake pedal, which seems to vary from car to car, and has caused some owners a problem with using a clevis, it is a good idea to use a rose joint instead to connect the pedal to the new servo.

The correct rose joint is a 3/8" x 3/8" female right hand thread rose joint. Patrick sourced his from:

They sound good quality, and are remarkably good value at only 9.50 including postage.
Quick update.
The above rose joint will not suit most owners requirements - the bolt welded to the brake pedal is, in most cases, 10mm which is slightly larger than a 3/8" eye hole.

The best solution is a 3/8" UNF male thread rose joint with a 10mm eye , together with a 3/8" UNF female collar thread about 25mm long . The rose joint can be obtained from ABC (Anglia bearing Company) part no. MP061F39.
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