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Originally Posted by morris View Post
Nigel, what temps do you see as you have an identical engine to me, and very similar rad, though possibly different routing of pipe work.

The only difference on my set up is that I have a simple blanking cap on my rad (but I do have loads of louvres in the bonnet and side panels. Its something I learnt from model aircraft engines. Air cooled admittedly, but you've got to let the hot cooling air out!!)

Mine runs pretty consistently at around 80 degrees. I am fairly confident in that because I did have reason to question a previous gauge. So I got a stabilised 12V supply connected it to the new gauge in the kitchen, hooked up the sender and stuck it (the sender only!!) in a saucepan of water on the cooker. I bought the water up to the boil and when the water was visibly boiling the gauge read about 103 degrees IIRC. I did the same with the old gauge and same sender and the gauge read 120 degrees. So calibration is areal issue.
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