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Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident View Post
...and I made the mistake of buying the flaring tool from Halfrauds.

I got the first one home only to find three bits missing from a supposedly seal packet so it was back to Halfrauds for a replacement.

Fortunately they had two others in stock.
Unfortunately one of them had the 3/8ths fitting nicked.
Fortunately the other was complete so I drove home.
Unfortunately the wing nut used to close the clamp snapped as I was hand tightening it
Fortunately I got back to Halfrauds in time for a refund.
Unfortunately it was then to late to go anywhere else.
Fortunately MrsWCA met me at the door with a cold Pimms and I am going to ignore the car and let the brake fluid drip into the pint glass underneath until tomorrow.
Don't do anything rash.

I have avoided the car for a few days, painting the walls in the dining room, and today, after the final coat, also undercoated the skirting boards. Top coat tomorrow am, and weather permitting, have a bash at fixing the driver door lock. I seem to have knacked the manual lock function with my unsuccessful endeavours to replace the lock activator with one that works better. It should be a simple job. I probably didn't hook the wire hook thing back in properly. I just hope i can do it without taking the locking mechanism out.

It goes in to have the rear brakes checked and hopefully get rid of the two warning lights on Tuesday.
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