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Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident View Post
Next question is what pipe material, copper or cupro-nickel? What are the relative advantages and how easy are they to flare etc?
Another answer to this- I was at the MOT garage this morning with my Astra (passed of course) and one of the guys was doing an end-to-end pipe replacement on a Renault. He was using copper "because it's easier" but what I hadn't seen before- he'd managed to get the old pipe off with its original bends in place and was taping the new pipe to it in order to replicate the twists and turns. Being copper, he didn't need to use a pipe bender, just eased the curves round manually to match the old pipe's shape.

Previously I had just measured the old, cut the new off the roll, added the unions and flares (in that order) and fed it onto the brackets, etc. but will remember this in future.
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