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I have a little pipe bender from when I put the brakes in on the G46 (Scimitar). For that I only had about half of the original pipes in place to guide me as to where the pipes went.

This time I plan to cut the existing pipes indie the engine bay where they are good and then remove the end with the leak to act as a template.

I will also be 'wiggling' the pipes on the other three wheels to see if they are about to go.

I am almost tempted to trace the remaining brake pipes from the master cylinder to the point where they go 'outside' the car and put a fresh end on each one.

The trouble is that while it sounds sensible, I have that nagging doubt that every 'extra' I do will lead to another challenge andI want to keep the car on the road over the summer.

I will be posting 'hands dirty' videos on my channel after each job gets completed :

Plus shorter, less well edited ones which I will post on here probably
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