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I am still waiting for DVLA to return the paperwork for this car but as it's going to be a nice weekend and the current owner assures me the car is mechanically sorted I though I would "road test it" over the weekend.
But first a few trips around the estate just to be safe!

The first trip highlighted to a noisy gearbox so I returned and checked it out!

What you see in the drip-tray is the entire contence on the gearbox!!

No wonder it was noisy!!
I also re-checked all other fluid levels.

The next issue was the brakes as they seamed to be sticking on which was affecting the steering.

I tried to free and return the caliper pistons in the normal way but bent my clamps.

Finally I had to remove the caliper and use the vice to return the pistons but after several attempts and much effort the pistons where still sticking so I ordered a new pair of calipers due Monday which should have stopped my weekends fun.

However, I did have a new set of (what I think are), "type 16" calipers in stock and although they are a little bigger than the originals they will fit with some effort and the improved braking they will provide can't be a bad thing.

To get them to fit I had to grind a little off the end of the caliper and a little off the hub.

Also in order the get the caliper spacing correct I had to fit a washer between the caliper and the mounting flange.

Although they are a tight fit it's still a good fit and it keeps the car on the road so I still might get to "road test it" this weekend!!
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