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Default Fail of yesterday fading away - (slowly)

Hey guys, back at it today with a long day on the project.
More glassing on the back end so that is coming along, at least now can scarf the top surface and glass/fill where I need to.

Fuel filler still in work, made a bracket for it to sit on securely but it looks like it wants to sit lower when the shell is back on, so another try at that soon.

Rear boot extension glassing was finished yesterday to profile it better with the
rear of the car - Ran out of rivets during fitting but all bonded on now. Just needs a bit of tidying, more rivets and carpeting long term. the pictures show the aluminium brackets I have used to fix to the bumper (recycling at its best as this was reused material that I cut off the front bumper). Front screen top glassing finished now and the roof sits in a much better place.




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