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Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans View Post
I'm sure the owner must be mortified , if it was your car I know you would be . When I had a look around the car I couldn't pick any faults with it , I thought it was superb for a mere " Kit Car ". I understand this car has seen some track action in poor conditions and spun off. I'm sure that if the owner is happy to take part in track days ( just like the lucky few with the real thing ) then he won't be put off by a tiny stress crack in the paint.

I had a look at your car too and thought it was built to a very high standard. I know you had a few blemishes in the paint but they are now sorted ( well I couldn't see anything wrong with it ). Perhaps if you want perfection you should be looking beyond a budget panel swop on an ageing Z3 donor ??

Not sure what your idea of a "budget" is ? I do know Scott has invested a lot of money in his car.

The problems that arose were not of his making so I can't understand your take on this.