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As Oxford says ...Spitfire is definitely around 7.5'' shorter in the wheelbase than a Herald or Vitesse ...I recently fitted a Cordite Spitfire body onto a Herald chassis and have had to stretch the bonnet around 7-8'' ....

The only approx. 4'' stretch I remember was Chevaux , the 2CV version of the Spyder body that was around 95'' wheelbase ...the scar from the extension is pretty obvious on the Chevaux bonnet , so you may have one of those ...
If the chassis has been stretched to compensate for the longer wheelbase , I would at the very least make the stretch not very obvious and get the V5c amended , if not already , whilst no inspections are being done ...

Seats not fitting is odd ..its snug on a Triumph but they definitely fit a standard chassis unless an extra outrigger has been added or side rails pinched in etc ...
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