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Smile More progress photos - front end

Hi guys, thanks for all the good views and enthusiasm so far!

Made progress as planned over the weekend, the heat though is making it pretty difficult to work in, NZ is cooking at the moment!

Wired in all the front lights - All working as planned and low/main beam working through the relay's that I have fitted both sides. (Mini auto relay/5 pin) 20amp Normally closed (NC) and 40 amp normally open (NO) side. Have rigged the low beam to use the NC side so that it operates normally. Once either high beam is "flashed" or put on with the stalk switch, then that powers the relay switch, uses it to feed the high beam and of course the NC side becomes open circuit and cuts the low beam. (This is using all the original wiring extended from the front of the car, so all bulb circuits had a +ve and -ve lead.) I have used the low beam ground wire for the H4 plug and the high beam ground lead for the relay switch ground, but it wouldn't really matter either way round. Works well.
Also extended the bonnet safety catch lever so that I can reach from the grille and pop the catch. Needs a bit of tidying and polishing a bit but works well.
Hoping to start looking at sills and front wheel arches/guards soon......

As you can see from the photos - gaffer tape if my friend at the moment to give me an idea of the look! Happy plodding!

RH Light main

Pilots and indicators

LH light main

Front light relay setup

Safety catch extension

Safety catch rivnuts

Safety catch end thru grille
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