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Originally Posted by jones View Post
Just a guess but I think your jets are facing the wrong way...

Loving your build, keep it up!
Cheers Jones, I have fretted over which way to fit them myself. If I want a straight v spray then this is the right way to fit. If I want to cross the streams and go one high, one low then they need to be the other way. Although I canít stop thinking of ghostbusters or poor urinal etiquette when talking about never crossing streams! I will wait and see what the spray pattern is like as to where they end up, but any knowledgeable feedback, answers on a postcard to the Blue Peter office please!

Originally Posted by Barber View Post
Sorry, I've had a few and this made me giggle:
"Anyway it all spurned me on this afternoon and fitted the washer jets "
Get on with it matey, you are doing a great job.
Cheers Barber, glad I made ya chuckle. The job was a little more than just jets as I needed to open out the lower skin on the clam and clip the hoses through the opening a la a gynaecologist, but I know what you mean! I am smiling now!
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