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belle here.
so sorry but, there may have been some confusion ..
we don't have an owner's club as such that we run, simply because of time.. we really are rushed off feet, and, because as such, it should really be owners, collaborating together.
sorry if theres any confusion.
there is a great facebook group, dedicated to tribute automotive owners, Steve Discombe would be a great person to talk to as would the lovely dave Painter, as they are very knowledgable and friendly.

as agents, and especially with the 275 just released,other models in progress and desperately trying to find a bigger nicer unit without charging customers more... we barely have time to think.

. so sorry guys, I wouldn't want to take up the staffand let people down due to falling asleep every time I sit down due to the previously mentioned workload😁 will of course come to as many meetings as we can and bring biscuits! x
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