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yes i have heard some others saying the same but how does it compare price wise against evo200 i bet they are a lot dearer to buy after all as andy says its meant to be a budget build we all cant afford 20kto 30ka for a replica have you seen those banham panals on ebay bonnet / doors he wants a fortune for them and they arnt as acurate as mrs are to a original he also has a original f/fumper wants nearly 4k for it i also had to make some alterations to the supplied brackets the rear one i cut up and re positioned lower down on top of rear bumper bar so clam sits on it under where rear lights reccess are much better and out of the way front wasnt so bad but still needed lowering down to get f/bumper right about 25 to 30 mm from memory i just re drilled holes in new front bar to drop it but you can still end up with a nice rep when the hard works done i think i have around 5.5k in mine inc 49,000 mile facelift 04 doner mr2 that will do me !!!1
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