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I removed the final parts from the MR2 donor yesterday so everything is off now and I've made a start with fitting the front bumper support bar. As expected it needed a bit of fettling to get the height right and to level it up on both sides.

Offering the bumper up it's clear that it will need some additional support in the arch area and, as I think Mick has done, this should also allow for the inner arches to be extended / supported.

Next on the plan is to fit the rear clam support frame and then paint black the two frames and tidy up a couple of areas of the MR2 frame.

I finally bit the bullet on choice of wheels/tyres and ordered a set of Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2s gloss white in 17" with offset/ET 20 wrapped in Toyo Proxes T1Rs, 205 40s on the front and 215 40s on the rear. With ET20 the plan is to use 20mm spacers on the rear only, but will confirm this once they arrive as unfortunately there is a 6 - 8 week to have them cast.

More pics to follow when the weather improves.

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