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Default long awaited update lol

still plodding on with the hotrod most of the wiring is now sorted we have all working lights and it starts and runs on the key and even drives . Utube link below would not let me add a video

the clutch is pants only just biting and the gears are stiff so I dissed the slave and just used a monkey wrench off the clutch leaver and a bit of rope. all gears fine but only biting at the very top so looks like the clutch is on its last legs but the slave has to go.The piston on the slave dose not travel enough both ways to work the clutch properly.


so next job fit a cable clutch ebay new cable 8quid and a bit of old cross member I came up with this,woks grate but will still need a new clutch bugger.


doors rehung again suicide, open and close brill this time I made up my own door handles after the ebay ones were crap, any guesses for what they are yes I know they look rough but its a rat rod

rear lights from the states

exhaust next week I have bought two newish manifolds I am going to direct it under and out the side well thats the plan.
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