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I don't know what has happened over there but I hope all is still good with the guys over at DNA. There are so many kit car companies out there with 'the best intentions' that often fail to deliver. We need companies like the team at DNA for our hobby to continue. There have been some terrible happenings over here in the US where companies disappear with people's money and only deliver part kits.

I know the US law is different, but when I bought an 'unlicensed' product of something that was actually made by the original manufacturer, I was required by the reseller to sign an agreement, stating that I wouldn't add badges to it or in other ways make inference that it was a product of the original manufacturer.

I guess that way, if I decide to add badges, I'm liable and the supplier has done their best to prevent me (everything in their power) from badging up their product.

People often bring up the Merc Gullwing that was crushed when talking about this. From what I understand, that was a car that Mercedes bought, to make a point! Today in the US, if that car had been based on a Mercedes frame, there is very little they could have done about it, due to the aftermarket laws for parts.

There have been a ton of companies in the US that have been sent cease and desist orders. Mostly Lamborghini replicas and more recently Bentley. Ferrari also stepped in on the Mera product which was a new car based on the Fiero.

I wonder if Porsche hasn't been able to go after 356 kit makers due to the lineage of the design?
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