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Monday - Part 2:
As soon as I'd covered up the back half of the car, the sun came out again.

So I peeled back the covers from the front of the car and spent a few minutes under the bonnet.

As I am thinking about my options for creating something like Dale's Formosa.

I figured the radiator shroud would be the starting point.

Note: This needs to angle down to avoid hitting the bonnet which only just clears the radiator.
( Hence the bulge required to clear the radiator cap. )

At this point I was just using some scrap cardboard to give me a rough idea of where the sides might go.

Especially as I will need to maintain access to the expansion bottle.

As with everything on this build, I expect this may take a while to work out.

So as the sun was still shining I packed away the cardboard and took the scenic route to Sainsburys instead.

Until next time, take care, Paul.
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