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Default Kit Car Noob wishing to build Vortex


I first come across the Phantom Vortex on an ebay ad then did some research & found Rich was re-building a damaged one on
& instantly fell in love with the kit car that had super car looks, & have been looking at it for many years, now I feel I'm almost ready to make a dream come true.

I have never built a kit car before, I know many kits bolt on to an MR2 which seems simple enough, but how difficult would it be to build this one for a kit car newbie?

I have a large garage so have the space, & a good friend of mine who has never built a kit car but has worked a fair bit on car & bike mechanics, he has also fitted body kits, one of which he blended into the body using fibreglass so it all looked like once piece, & installed lambo style doors, although not my taste the results on the finishing quality were very good. He can also weld.

Total kit cost is 13,666 plus donor car & parts, respray, retrims and tools, how much would it all really come to for those who have built it?

Would appreciate any help & advice, thank you.
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