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This afternoon saw some good weather so I set too getting it up on ramps, getting the rear diffuser removed (to allow access to the holes to be filled) and was greeted with a rather substantial stainless de-cat pipe and mid section (when I rang Chris 3 years ago to see if he remembered this kit / build he said he was sure it had a stainless system, however I was still pleasantly surprised at the size and quality of it) and what can only be described as a 'hoofing' stainless rear box, and more importantly a very, very clean underneath for a 1991 car.

I then got fibreglass matting in across the back of the rear skirt and a first layer of chopped strand over the top, hopefully get some top layer filler in over the next couple of days.

Just to finish off the evening I got the front end dragged out of the garage and placed back on the car. Basically just to free off some room in the garage. I am really liking that bonnet and thinking what can I do with the rest of the front end to steer away from the GTO look and more towards the muscle car look. We will see.

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