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This is where a little crazy stuff starts to happen. In order for the finished car to be a good approximation of the ferrari, I had to move the rear axle forward 10" effectively. Obviously with what's left of the car I couldn't just cut 10" out of the floor and push it back together. The way I approached this was to use that new subframe I welded in to my advantage.

The inner and outer rockers needed to first be cut out so I could replace with 2x3 1/8" wall tubing. I cut the rockers approx 10" short so they would not hit the front wheels later on when the tub was shortened. I welded the back ends of these sections of tubing to the subframe which I had welded in place earlier. Then, I welded sections of angle iron on the flat areas where the rockers used to be, above and below the 2x3 tubing.

This angle iron would keep everything square when I removed the 10" section of the floor.

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