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Originally Posted by TAZ View Post
Hi, how did you go about measuring to get the right stance and hence the right spacers at the rear?

I have been struggling with this a bit and also have XXRs (530s) but have 8.25s with ET0 at the rear, so I could just take your measurements and use a 35mm spacer, but I wasn't thinking of going quite as far out as that for fear of rubbing on the wheelarch.

Would like to know how you assessed it?
Here's what i did (i am sure other guys on here , much clevererrrrr than me will have other ways). Bolted the wheel on to hub, Dropped a plumb-line from widest part of wing just above wheel opening. Using a steel rule, measured from the outer edge of rim to plumb line. Subtract 15 mm(or whatever distance/width you want to achieve; so it doesn't end up like Carlos Fandango.....Age thing lol) as tyre usually sticks out past rim.
Thats how i came up with 40mm spacer required.
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