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The rad is not a supplied marlin part, I went for a race radiator for a honda civic, it's the only alloy rad I could find that would fit without going custom made. Which costs a small fortune! The exhaust will be the last thing I get done I think, found a shop near me that can make one to my spec, so I'm hoping to trailer the car to then at the end of the build to have one fitted! Plus it sounds to good to put one on there at the moment! Once I get my cooling pipes through the post I will be able to plumb up the cooling system and run it up to temp. Now everything is in the engine bay that needs to be I am starting to get all the body work fitted and aligned, then I will take it all off again to finish the build. After the body work i need some lights and the interior done and I'm pretty much there! A few little mechanicals here and there but i would like to say (touch wood) that I am past the difficult parts of the build!
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