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Originally Posted by Paul L View Post
It must be great seeing these photos from the other side of the world and knowing they will be heading your way soon.

Good luck, Paul.
Thanks Paul, a bit surreal really spending all this money and not being able to talk face to face or touch/feel, but I will say to anyone who is watching this and wants to “delve in” it has been a really easy process to work with Chris/Dan. From what I can tell from the pictures the output will be of a high standard.
I learnt heavily from you previous builders and threads from the Tribute clan and saw that worrying about the process from this far away was something I didn’t need to do. Tribute/Old No7 have helped me every step along the way to make it easy. One thing I do miss tho when finished is the camaraderie of the enthusiasts and builders via the shows/get togethers. The kit scene is reasonably small in NZ and monstered by the hot rod and muscle car scenes.
A few car shows tho I can get the car to so will enjoy those!
Looking forward to more photos this week prior to completion and packing!
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