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I been having a problem locating the battery.
I was going to put it in the passenger's foot well but then I had a cunning plan.

I remembered this photo.

I cut a hole in the original steel plate and made a battery tray out of some 40x40x3 RAS to lower the battery and reinforced the area.

But this left the battery standing proud which would interfere with the front cowling.

I then realized the battery might actually fit safely under the steering rack so I extended both the hole and remade the battery tray.

Now the battery simply sits on the tray and slides back under the steering rack keeping it well out on the way of the front cowling.

Job done. The battery is out of the way, power leads are short, it's still easy to get to, jump starting will be a doodle and there's minimal affect on the ground clearance besides that the tray being made out of 3mm steel will take a fair bit of kerb bashing

Next job is to decide how I'm going sort out and bring together the front grill, front wings and front lower cowling.
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