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Mr T I to felt this location was a little odd and your concerns are much the same as mine but if you step back and think about it!

1, The battery is pushed hard against the main chassis crossmember stopping the battery from moving back making it impossible to short-out on the steering rack.
The battery is also clamped in place again stopping it from moving forward.
I agree, any battery that's no fixed down is a predental short-out as well as an MOT failure!

2, Batteries are mounted every where in a modern car, under the seat, in the bulkhead, in the boot, under the floor ect.
So the fact that fireman Sam will actually be able to see the battery and there for disconnect the battery safely will be a help, he might even use the fitted isolator switch instead of just cutting the power cable which seems to be the normal thing to do.

3, Lastly, the front impact damage would have to be tremendous and have to crush the main chassis rails and anti roll bar mounts before smashing the battery and possibly causing a short-out!
Where as with a conventional engine bay fitted battery a simple front impact causing the bonnet to "ripple up" and short-out across the battery is a very common occurrence!

Sure, the steering rack might come un-bolted from its mounts and the steering column allowing it to fall onto the battery and short-out, but, I'll take that risk.

IMHO, Although having the battery mounted in a unusual place might cause some concern I'm sticking with it.
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