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Originally Posted by classiccoachworks View Post
hi Kiwi.
my condolences, very sorry to hear that. I hope that all are doing as well as can btw, in the circumstances.

You've done a great job so far. we are trailing far behind with our build, due to other commitments bt, she will be drive able with roughly fitted kit soon.

sorry again to hear of this sad time for you.looking forward to more build photos soon.

Thanks Belle for the kind thoughts, these things happen I know but when unexpected and a good bloke it is a hard pill to swallow.

Below are some photos, the body is still not bonded on yet, but I needed to get the exhaust guy finished and paid so concentrated on the back bits there. Need to get the pipes off so I can final paint the brackets/tips and paint the red bands on and polish the ends. You can see the bumpers look pretty good, just a finish thing for me there are some opaque areas where too much heat has gone into the wrapping and we needed a pin stripe for a cut line in the centre as too much tension was causing the vinyl to unwrap itself when it was wrapped from one side thru the compound curves to the other. A learning curve (expensive one) but at least I have a better idea of what may be needed to think about for final finish etc.

The exhaust sounds good, just got to see the cert guys and hopefully he feels the same way! Has a good deep growl to it and a crackle/burble when you back off the throttle a bit. - Acid test will be what it does at cruising speeds and noise in the cabin.
I think the car is starting to look the part, the wheels go and the looks that I got with it on the back of the trailer going down the road seem to suggest a bit of interest in it. Cheers.

Exhaust and rear bumper

Rear quarter bumper and exhaust

Exhaust fitted
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