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Originally Posted by Egdik View Post
Wow ! Those pipes do look good . . . it is 27 years since I last drove in NZ and I guess the roads are now billiard table smooth . . . and you will have enough ground clearance ? My 275 graunches just occasionally still, so I raised the rear a few millimetres when putting on new tyres recently.

It may be the angle of the camera, but might your boot lid hinges be on a bit of a convergent line ? I tried grinding the bases of mine, but they are still not quite spot on. Might try a rubber sheet 'gasket' next year.

Hope it is all ready for the Kiwi summer.
Hi Kidge,
Thanks for the kind comments! Yeh pretty happy with the pipes. Currently back off so I can finish the paint and striping on the ends. They are no lower than the original back box so will just have to see how they fare, but billiard table flat the roads are not! So may need to re-evaluate depending on road experiences.
As far as the boot hinges, they are not the ones I am using, they were fitted by the Tribute guys just to mock up initially. So yes they do converge which I donít like. So I am patiently waiting for a set of Alfa spider hinges to turn up and I will fill the holes and re-position accordingly.

I was all gang busters until my dear mate passed away in China, so havenít touched the car in the last 5 weeks really. We managed to lay him to rest on Sunday, so once my hangover clears, (we were avid Red wine drinkers together 🍷 ) I will be getting back into it, and likely some late night needs to occur now. Want it on the road before the end of Oct now.....cheers.
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