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Originally Posted by Jaguartvr View Post
Rear hangers look a bit kit carish/bodged, certainly not what you would expect to see on a 275. If you hit a bump all the forces will transfer to the GRP shell and could crack the paint finish, even with flexible straps.
I routed mine either side of the diff just to gain a little more clearance from the road, worth considering if you are going to be fitting lowered springs.
There are plenty of possible mounting points underneath. I have mounted mine from the alloy bumper crash beam.
Kitcarish and bodged? You really do need to educate yourself on how to win friends and influence people. That forked tongue of yours needs to have a small clip from its tips and a little less acid in it. Suggest you school yourself on the 275 exhaust and what it looks like before freewheeling the tonsils attacking others. If you don’t like the original design then take it up with pininfarina and scaglietti. Not sure what you expect to see on a 275?
If you bothered to look at the photos closely you will see that the exhaust is supported mostly from the front by the diff/original hanger mounts. In several places. You will also see that the fibreglass is strengthened and the loads dissipated by the t6 Alclad plate bonded in behind. What would I know tho, only an engineer.....
Have a little more respect for what people are trying to achieve, be a little less forward in your scathing comments and also get all your facts correct before going to print. I believe I have a pretty good idea of what the 275 exhaust looks like and by the way those “flexible bodged” hangers are the originals from the car.....I will now drop my microphone 🎤. Thanks for the sage advice but this time I think I will pass......cheers tho!
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