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Thanks for all the good comments etc guys.
I hate this social media universe that we live in and people’s anonymity behind a keyboard saying things that they likely wouldn’t say to someone’s face, especially as in that forum they are more likely to ask a question first to understand a bit more.
I know Jag didn’t mean it in an aggressive way, but if people can’t post progress or ask questions without ridicule (or suitably offensive comments) then the questions will dry up and the posts will too. This is supposed to be a load of enthusiasts with the same goals and enjoyments in sharing their experiences. We are spending huge amounts of time/money and marital stress on these things!
I have seen plenty of things in posts that you would consider another way of doing it etc, but people should remain silent or ask a question to understand more, especially when they may not know why something has been done that way. You never know the constraints that someone is under with their builds, whether it be time/knowledge/location/parts restrictions/certification etc,etc.
Anyhoo all good my end and will be back to the build with progress soon. But the sanding of the sills is going to take a fair bit of tender loving care....cheers.
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