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Originally Posted by Mister Towed View Post
Love the work you're doing. When the car's finished, if anyone starts studying the detail of the exhaust hangers (which look perfectly matched to the period to me, btw) then they've clearly got stuck in one of Freud's developmental stages - in technical language 'a bug up their ar$e.'

99.99% of people are just going to see your car for what it is, a stunning 60's styled coupe that looks like it could be worth millions.

Good luck sanding the sills.
Thanks MR T, appreciated! I will need every bit of the luck on the sills. Only because I used 1.2mm BA stainless for the trims, they are engineering flat compared to the fibreglass surfaces they are bolting to, so some customising req’d. I have one almost there, just needs a bit more filler and manlove.

From what I envisaged though for the car it is slowly getting there in looks. Unfortunately haven’t been able to spend much time on it lately, so feel as if spinning the wheels. Really looking forward to that first drive though so that will have to keep me going for now. Cheers.
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