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Originally Posted by peterux View Post
Good to see you back WK with an update. I thought we had lost you off the forum? You seem to have made some good progress and I'm loving your attention to detail in every thing you do. Keep your chin up
Hi Peterux, thanks fella, I will be honest did drop off for a bit but that was due to what was going on over here and complete lack of want to get stuck into the car...but that is changing as I have some renewed hope in getting it on the road! Cheers appreciated.

Originally Posted by Egdik View Post
It is good to hear about & see your progress.

The rear bumper looks to fit well around the body. The rear window has a good clean line in profile.

As an engineer, have you come up with a solution for the bonnet stays / prop ?

The Fog & reversing light positions: do the NZ people allow or insist on the 'wrong' side placement ? In the UK the fog light must be on the centre line or right and the reversing light on either side [so usually on the left].

Could you tell me the diameter & depth of the rear lights and do you like them ?
Hi Kidge, thanks for the comments, whilst nothing is perfect when we look at them, the bumper alignment is pretty good and work well visually. No answer on the bonnet stays yet as haven’t looked into it. I do tho have a great length of ex trampoline galv pipe that fits snug over the exposed nut for the alloy bumper fix well, but got to carry it on the road...not a problem I have had to come across yet!
I’ll get back to you on the size of the rear lights, they are lancia/stratos gt40 replica ones. Really like them, build quality is not great on the ones I have as they are all plastic, but they work, are bright and I think give a good finish as some of the 275’s had this style fitted with the rectangular reflector in the middle...
Not sure on the fog/reversing lights, I thought I followed the low volume vehicle guidelines for over here, maybe I have swapped them....the cert guy has seen them and said he was happy, but he may have missed sides etc.

Cheers all, good to be back, somewhat motivated and looking forward to getting something on the road and sooner rather than later....
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