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Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans View Post
I fitted the Harrington bumpers on my car and they fitted neatly with the minimum of fettling. Expensive, but I think they really look the part. I used a Triumph number plate light that is very authentic looking.
I also fitted those type of rear lights with the rectangular reflector. The quality of my examples wasn't great, I had to modify the backs so the lenses sat correctly ! The biggest change I made was to taper the recess the lights sit into. A small change but its all in the detail !
I've posted a photo of my bonnet stay arrangement on the Tribute section. Standard struts for an assisted lift then locate the bonnet stay.
Thanks LLM,

The plan is definitely to taper the light recesses, very much part of the original car look....I will be hoping to get into that in the coming weeks.

On the coming weeks, I am registered to be down at the Brit and Euro car show in Lloyd Elsmore Park in Auckland. Sunday March 1st....look it up online, a fantastic free event. I will be trailering the car down to the show but I need it to tap into the energy that comes with talking cars to get me across the line and on the road!
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