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Originally Posted by Jaguartvr View Post
Will you be following Kidges window design?
I wonder if a coupe side window could work?
Did Chris take splash moulds of the bumpers?

Probably won't be a problem in NZ but on my Griffith I had terrible problems with the headlight lenses misting up.
Hi JagTvr. Windows are likely to be original Z3 to keep the window function etc. Chris/Dan are working on the options for this. Coupe side window probably would work, just some changes to the mould would be required.
Chris has moulds of original bumpers so should be able to supply. Noted about the headlight covers. If I get an issue I may carry out some mods underneath to duct a small amount of air into the interior which should sort that issue. The lenses are attached externally and not internally like the Griffith, so it may not have those issues. Cheers.
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