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Hi guys, just a real quick update.
Getting close to finalising the kit spec, going to ring Chris today so hoping for some news on that front. Also hoping the christmas completion is doable as well.
Update on the parts situation:
Followed some well laid advice from others so at present have
- Fiat 850/Lancia Stratos tailights.
- Teardrop side repeaters (ala casarino/jaguartvr)
- Carello clear glass 68mm front indicators/park etc.
- Griffith headlight covers
- Lucas rectangular fog (original)
- Mk1 Capri door hardware (just to see what they may look like on the kit as they are nice vintage shape but not Ferrari style)
- Pininfarina side badges.
Donor is running well at the moment, however have been chasing a parasitic drain potential over a few days but can't find anything wrong as have a good 40 milliamps of drain on the battery with everything off/shut up. I think my kids may be to blame with the doors! Grrrr. Battery will get a full charge on the weekend and check in case it is a self discharge issue.
Keep you up to date with the plans, hopefully get some pictures soon!
Happy building, Mark.
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