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Originally Posted by Jaguartvr View Post
I'm presuming yours is a facelift car. There is an issue with not being able to read fault codes from the round plug under the bonnet.
I can read from the plug under the steering wheel but nothing from the plug under the bonnet.
This link should help you solve it.........hopefully. I haven't tried anything yet because my electrical knowledge stops at putting a fuse in a plug.
Thanks for the link Jag, Iíll have a read but it might be past me as well! I am plugged into the under the steering wheel location, scanner says it is connected, shows revs etc when engine running and says connected to ecu, but draws a blank when asked for codes, just says none stored in ecu. Once I plug everything back in it will be interesting to see if it self resets. I thought I might get some snags like this once I start looking at bypassing pretensioners, seat belt buckling as well as passenger seat occupancy pad. Possible backstop will be remove seat belts from car and reattach the clever bits under the seat with the belt tangs coupled which should stop the gizmos being unhappy. 3.3ohm resistors should then take care of the steering wheel and passenger airbag circuits.
Iíll play a bit more tomorrow if I get a chance....
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