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Originally Posted by rochdaleGT View Post
Mister Towed: i do not need to prove, especially not for you after such an offensive post, that im the real owner of the marlin. you can contact Terry Matthews from Marlin cars...she will confirm that this car is alive and with me.

as long as you cannot contribute anything important for the thread opener, please stay in your Sammio Forum and keep quiet here.

if you have some personal resentments, you are free to sent me a private message, but dont hi-jack another persons posting.
Paragraph 1 - Didn't think you'd be able to prove that you own this or any other kit car.

For two years while you've been posting insults about our cars on the Sammio, Miglia and Tribute build threads, we've been asking you to prove your extravagant claims about owning lots of amazing kit cars you've not posted a single picture that wasn't snaffled from Google images.

I still don't believe you've ever built or owned a single kit-car, so go on, prove me wrong, post a picture of yourself with your wonderful Marlin that clearly shows it was taken in response to my request. And if you think Marlin cars would give me your details then you've never heard of our Data Protection Act.

Paragraphs 2&3 - Accusation of personal resentment and thread hijacking, eh? Stay in my Sammio Forum, you say? Pot calling the kettle black it would seem (that means I'm suggesting that you're a hypocrite, btw).

Let's see what contributions you've made about Sammio Spyders, Miglia Speedsters, Tribute A352's and even Seven Style cars (have you built or do you own any of those cars?):

5th Nov 2016, Sammio thread - building a 50ies style car with a good built quality and a perfect spit-chassis, incl. several technical improvements (uprated engine, T9 conversion, CV driveshafts, uprated suspension etc) will rise the total built price in a dimension where you already might be able to built, for example, a MEV RepliCar. Due to its MX5 base it does everything better, with its "modern" suspension & "modern", also reliable drivetrain.

Quite rude, that - comparing completely different cars and declaring one better than the other without ever driving or viewing either of them.

9th Nov 2016, Denmark A352 thread - explain me, as im bit confused: the donor spit was not restored, nor taken body off for cleaning and preparing the chassis for the next 20 years? will this been done when all the bodywork has been finished? means body and chassis will get sperated, cleaned , refurbished and than put back togehter?

Quite rude, that - criticising a professional car builder (Gary Janes) for building a car onto the chassis provided by the customer (which had already been fully restored, btw).

9th & 12th Nov 2016 - Seven style build thread - i would not invest any money in such a car....any scruffy mot-ed westfield, for 3k, is doing everything better...if you are lucky you will find an oldschool sylva striker (live-axle, x/flow powered) in very-nice condition already for 3.5k

consecutively several "older" kitcar designs have a very low value nowadays and you should think twice or 3-times if you really want to invest money in "something"...when a similar car ("something-else") does everthing better for the same money.

Quite rude, that - telling an enthusiast who'd bought himself a project car that it was a lemon, when neither he, nor you, even knew what it was!

4th Dec 2016, New Miglia Build for Germany - speaking to some new owners of the cars sold in germany by this dealer seems not that positive: after some time of ownership and watching behind the scenery, they (the new owners) recognized that they have paid far too much in relation of the built quality and the registration-status. there are lots of registered replicas, rebodies, kitcars etc. around in germany which have a complete fake identity and registration things have been done using fake / photoshopped paperwork to rip-off ignoramus buyers.

Quite rude, that - claiming to be in personal contact with 'unsatisfied' buyers of cars that weren't even built by the thread poster and without any first-hand evidence of there being any complaints from the actual owners. And cars with photoshopped registration papers? Really?

26th & 27th December 2016, Mick O'Malley's A352 'D-Type' - why this new shiny exhaust is mostly covered in overspray? also the wheels look like they have a light coat of bluemetallic on the insides. what a botch from the spray-shop. i would claim some money back as you have now the trouble to get rid of the overspray because they had been too lazy masking the parts correctly. and its doesnt matter if he has paid 300 or 3000 pound...its a clear botch!!!

Quite rude, that - Mick's car is absolutely stunning, he was very happy with the paint job and the criticism about the 'overspray' (which was actually reflections of the body colour in the chrome, btw) was uncalled for, even it had been true.

2nd Feb 2017, BMW Powered Sammio - "I notified DVLA of the engine details and changed in the V5 before I re-registered the Sammio. " so this was a kind of "trick" to collect some requestd points afterwards? right?

Quite rude, that - accusing a builder of trying to cheat the DVLA points rule by changing the engine number on the V5. As was pointed out by several of us on that thread, the chassis and axles alone gained enough points to keep the original registration.

4th Feb 2017, BMW Powered Sammio - i dont know how many kitcars i have owned in the past 15 years, including all the kitcars imported for friends, plus watching all the other peoples imported kitcars let me say: a high percentage had incorrect paperwork and they had been illegally registered in UK. (v5cs taken form scrapped cars -same brand- to bring cars on the road avoiding sva/iva. v5cs taken from scrapped cars -other brand- to bring cars on the road. cars still running on donor papers, even they have been built after 1996, where SVA came into force. rebodied cars which never have been announced to dvla as rebodies, newly factory built kitcars with a new chassis, new body, ford rear axle and triumph engine with an age related plate-even it should be a q-plate-etc, etc).
lots of dodgy registrations out there.

Quite rude, that - Accusing British kit-car builders of adopting dodgy practices to illegally register cars on the road. And it does sound like you're acting as a used kit-car dealer in your own country. Can't be a very good one, mind, if you've managed to buy so many cars with dodgy provenance...

And there are loads more of your posts that insult our cars but I'm getting rather bored with reading them (again).

Suffice to say, around 80% of your own posts have been rude, insulting and contribute nothing positive, while the other 20% are just vague observations backed up with images copied from the internet.

With my apologies to the Marlin enthusiasts who contribute to this thread for being provoked into such a lengthy thread-jack, I'll sign off for good now and won't be back as I don't want to further feed the troll.

Merry Christmas, one and all!
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