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Originally Posted by Mister Towed View Post
Paragraph 1 - Didn't think you'd be able to prove that you own this or any other kit car.

For two years while you've been posting insults about our cars on the Sammio, Miglia and Tribute build threads, we've been asking you to prove your extravagant claims about owning lots of amazing kit cars you've not posted a single picture that wasn't snaffled from Google images.

I still don't believe you've ever built or owned a single kit-car, so go on, prove me wrong, post a picture of yourself with your wonderful Marlin that clearly shows it was taken in response to my request. And if you think Marlin cars would give me your details then you've never heard of our Data Protection Act.

Merry Christmas, one and all! least i have always contribute something (mostly my perosnal opinon & experience from nearly 15y into the kitcar business) related to the specific forum“s thread...whereas you have used this thread for posting your frustration or whatever but nothing related to the thread“s theme

anyway: the first pic of my marlin is not a pic you can find at google!! its from my harddisc..stored from MY camera.
and have you contacted Terry from marlin? i guess no

just to list some of the cars i owned (and some still own) in the last 20y:

8 lotus eclat /excel/elite, 3 TVR tasmin, 1 Rover P6, 2 Ginetta G4/S4, 1 Ginetta G15, 1 Ginetta G27, 2 Sylva Phoenix, 4 sylva striker (here you could contact jeremy phillips, the founderr of sylva autokits as a prove) , 5 westfiels, 1 sammio, 2 Reliant scimitars, 1 marlin berlinetta, 1 marlin sportster, 2 locost, 2 dutton, 1 clan crusader, 1 jeffey j5 seven, 1 fisher fury, 2 NG v8, 1 TVR chimaera, 1 jensen healey.

and several sylva“s and westfields where i was involved into the purchase from friends.

so i know really well whats going on the market...especially with dodgy registrations (not only in UK)...but there is quite a lively market for V5c“s in UK.

i“m happy to share some info with you, but please contact me by private message and keep away from this thread.

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