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Default Hypocrite or what?

It's a bit rich complaining about people polluting the thread when you have been doing exactly that on other forums. Sure you are entitled to your opinion, but to keep returning to forums repeatedly where your ill informed and demonstrably dubious posts have been needlessly rubbing up like minded folks the wrong way then asking for amnesty from similar posts is laughable. And you still not have shown any evidence, anywhere that you can back up any of your claims. On the contrary, as has been shown on this thread, your statements have been shown to be fallacious. You are it seems, pure and simple a WUM of the worst kind. I for one would be happy to keep away from any of your threads/posts if only you would do the same regarding the Sammio and Miglia forums, and any other forum that I currently post on.

So long as you care to keep up this behaviour, don't expect a reasonable and measured silence from others. It would be better by far to not post at all, but that is your choice. have a Happy Christmas though.
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