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I think Ozzie Dave has a point there about having some special lights made if you donīt find suitable units. It would cost a fortune to have them made, plus type approval, testing. etc
I have looked around too see if there is anything similar to your Porsche units and there isnīt a lot on the market. Maybe 1990,s Alfa units or 2006 Honda Accord ???

Have you thought of making your own custom units using off the shelf lights (E marked). This was popular a few years ago with Pontiac Fiero based kits. (like in the first photo)
You just make the lamp surround in fibreglass/plastic and add lights of your choice. And some smoked glass/perspex to cover them.

Brytec has some nice looking LED tail lamp units which I think are not too expensive and are just another idea.

Iīm sure you already have a good idea what the rear will look like. Canīt wait to see the next development of the car.
Those badges look very good, I hope you do sell many kits. :-)
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